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Exodus Background

Streaming Movies and TV Shows on your Raspberry Pi with OSMC

I love watching movies and TV shows, as you might be able to tell from some of my older posts. You could be going to the theater, buying DVD’s or subscribing to Netflix… or you could be streaming them directly! This may be a little on the grey side of the law, but I’m going […]

Raspberry Pi and OSMC and YouTube

Watching YouTube on OSMC on Raspberry Pi

In my previous post on setting up a tiny awesome Raspberry Pi as a media center for your living room PC I closed the article off by saying something along the lines of “put YouTube on and enjoy”, but I feel like some people would like some more details on how. Here’s a quick rundown […]

Raspberry Pi

Building a Media Center with Raspberry Pi

Whether you have a smart TV or not, you can make a TV smarter by simply adding a computer. Going with OSMC on a Raspberry Pi is easy on your budget and it’s nice and small so you don’t have to clutter up your living room. I’m writing this as a “how I did it” […]

Sleepy Selfie

Turn your Smartphone into a Baby Monitor

There are going to be times when you put the baby to bed but it’s nowhere near your own bedtime. You would like to take this precious time to perhaps watch a movie on the couch downstairs or just relax with a cold beer, but you need to keep an eye or ear on the […]