I keep saying that I’m putting the old Ramblings (from RalphvandenBerg.com) behind me, but as a proper goodbye I just want to highlight some of my favorite posts. In no particular order, but probably in chronological order, here are some Ramblings that I believe made for good reading entertainment.

Going 100,000 km/h Backwards

November 2007
This was one of my very first Ramblings. It appeared on the very first version of the website, which I must say was very primitive. It’s just a short ramble about how you’re moving in any given direction probably faster than you think if you calculate your speed relative to different points.

Facial Hair

February 2008
This is a guest post by Darryl. It’s fun. Even though it was written many years ago, I think it still holds up. Maybe if we all ask we can convince Darryl to write something for this blog. I’m sure he has plenty of interesting things to say.

Baby Observations…

April 2008
Another great guest article. I picked this one because I’ve just had a baby! While browsing through the old Ramblings and read this, I really did think of it differently than when I first read it all these years ago. I will surely be blogging about some of my own adventures of fatherhood. (Stay tuned!)

The New Look

June 2008
I like this Rambling because it reflects strongly on my skill level for website design at the time. Notice me proudly announcing that the Ramblings now are each on a page of their own. That’s right, they used to be just one long list of Ramblings.

I’m Just One Person

June 2008
This Rambling is very much in the vein of a true Rambling. I just have an idea and start typing. I start to get a bit angry as I’m typing and the Rambling turns into a decent Ramble- just trying to get a point across as the point develops in my head.

All in a Morning

June 2008
The reason I picked this Rambling is because it’s very simple. I’ve just gone about my morning routine, noticed some interesting things, and sat down at lunch and wrote a Rambling. I wish I could do that more often! If you look through many of my old Ramblings, they were much closer together than the recent ones.

Special Relativity 101

August 2008
A great science-type Rambling! I remember devouring “How Stuff Works” articles about crazy science theories and with all of that buzzing around my head I decided to write a Rambling about it. I don’t know if it’s really educational, but maybe it will spark your interest. And that was really the point of that Rambling.

Alternative Win7 Wallpaper

March 2009
This article was very short. I wrote it just to showcase a little Photoshopping that I did, replacing the Windows 7 Beta wallpaper fish with a shark (a little nod to how many of us acquire Windows). I don’t know what the deal is with wallpapers, but this Rambling gets crazy amounts of hits, as do some other Ramblings about wallpapers. If you take a look, you’ll notice me posting more Ramblings featuring wallpapers. Getting those high numbers in my Google Analytics graphs was addictive!

Getting Started with Dropbox

June 2010
Ah, the good old “help” article with a hidden agenda. I don’t make it out to be much of a secret, but I needed the extra Dropbox space from referrals! Also, tutorial or how-to Ramblings became kind of a regular thing. You’ll definitely see more of that sort here, too.

Stuff you should be watching

November 2010
This article turned into a little series of me sharing what I enjoyed watching on TV. It was a little set of mini reviews, about 5 packed into each Rambling. This series is to this day something I want to continue, because I keep watching cool things on TV and would like to continue sharing them with everybody. *cough* KILLJOYS!

Well, I’ve got 10 Ramblings listed now. There are plenty other ones that are pretty good. Perhaps this could become a recurring type of post, highlighting a couple of Ramblings every now and again. It would be a shame if they were lost and forgotten in the dusty corners of the internet. If you’ve read some Ramblings and think they are worth highlighting, be sure to let me know!