My little girl is growing so fast. It’s amazing how so many of her clothes don’t fit anymore. This makes me quite wary of buying outfits for her, even though I’d really like for her to have some cool heavy metal band shirts. This is exactly why you need to have friends who also have kids that are perhaps a bit older. This way you can take advantage of the glorious “hand-me-down” system.


It hasn’t been that long since I last wrote about the adventures of being a dad. Annabelle is 3 months old now and these adventures keep on going with new developments and challenges. That whole guessing game when baby is crying, that has evolved into a much more precise science. It’s pretty obvious now if she’s crying because she’s hungry or sleepy. And burping is something she can almost manage on her own of she’s in an upright enough position.

Speaking of upright positions, it seems she much prefers to sit up instead of lying on her back all the time. She can’t really sit up on her own yet, but I can tell it won’t be long until she can. Annabelle is also much happier now than before to spend some time on her belly. She will arch her entire body, lifting her legs and head. I call this position “the cobra”.

There’s one thing which seems like an un-development… She’s drooling a lot more.


Probably my favorite part is the talking. It’s still just baby language, but it’s so much fun to hear. Just like motor skills for her arms and legs, she’s discovering her vocal chords (for uses beyond crying). Sometimes she even startles herself with a new sound that she made.

The smiles get better too. If you do something she thinks is funny you might even get a little laugh. She likes silly songs and you have to bob your head a lot while you sing. So that’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately… I’m really addicted to those smiles.


At 7 kg she’s quite a big baby. She’s not skinny, nobody will look at her and wonder if she eating enough. Annabelle has extra little creases in her arms and legs kind of reminiscent of the Michelin man. Only when you tilt her head back will you find her neck. It was so easy to carry her with one arm when she was just a couple weeks old… Big baby, but still so tiny when I look at her little fist firmly clasped around my finger.

Annabelle on my lap

Just for fun

If you like getting more frequent little updates, Annabelle has her own Facebook page here, and her very own Twitter @Annabelle_vdB. She posts funny tweets, I recommend you follow her!